Uniform Reuse

From 15 January 2018 we have closed our centre of excellence on corporate wear.

We will no longer offer an advisory service to those with end-of-life uniforms. This site will not be updated.

What is needed to kick-start a change to this wasteful sub-sector of the apparel industry is for at least several large buyers to insist on better design, sustainable materials and extended life management. Inspirational leadership in other sectors from companies like Whitbread plc has changed supply chains; we have not succeeded in facilitating this change in this sub-sector. But if you want to join others to procure sustainable corporatewear, contact us:

I want to procure sustainable corporatewear

We want to return to this issue one day.

Thank you to everyone who has contacted us over the years. There have been successes, but not enough of them.

Uniform reuse experts

Uniform Reuse works to implement Circular Economy strategies for end-of-life corporate wear.

At Uniform Reuse we mean business when we say we'll help you show your customers and staff that you are committed to the Circular Economy…

…your uniforms are the first step.

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Right now, in the UK, over 39 million people are given corporate uniforms – that's more than 16,000 tonnes of corporate wear. Nearly 10% of this is being recycled or reused effectively when it's no longer needed, but that means over 90% goes to landfill or gets incinerated.

Why is it so difficult to recycle or reuse our corporate wear? Find out from our About Uniform Recycling page.

More and more organisations are interested in the Circular Economy as a way to improve their eco credentials.

Whether you've got suits or shoes, overcoats or t-shirts, we can put you on the path to the Circular Economy by finding a new life for your old uniforms. What better way to show your commitment to the environment?

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