At Uniform Reuse, we have been working on a project in the transport sector to re-use old uniforms which were no longer needed due to a company re-brand. We have worked with this client to take a leading position in the field and find a responsible end-of-life solution for their old corporate wear. The client was keen for the returned uniforms to have a good social impact, whilst also meet the sustainability and environmental goals of reducing the amount of clothing being sent to landfill.

As a company, we were able to use our textiles and corporate wear expertise to identify different possible routes for the re-use of the uniforms.  We were able to use these identified routes to find solutions for the issues such as branding, security and garment type, style and construction. Three final routes were chosen to best suit the client:

1.       Conversion of 100% polyester fabric in to liquid fuel

We are working in partnership with a large waste management firm to pioneer this new exciting technology. The trial of this innovative technology will convert synthetic polyester fabric(s) into liquid fuel.

2.       Upcycling and donation

In order to overcome the security issue of branded uniform re-use, we have been able to set-up a project using the prison service, enabling those involved to gain textiles skills and qualifications, whilst also retaining the value of the fabric. This process allowed the clothing to be dismantled. The pieces of fabric obtained from this process were then used to create new items. During this process, any logos or branding were removed.

3.       De-branding and donation

We were able to fulfill the client’s requirements of the re-used clothing having a positive social impact, through donating de-branded uniforms to charities. Using our contacts, we were able to identify a variety of charities that would be suitable.  These have included charities who provide clothing to the homeless, as well as the unemployed needing suitable clothes for job interviews.


In addition to being able to fulfil client-specific requirements regarding re-use of old corporate uniforms and diversion of these uniforms from landfill, we are also able to provide clients with recommendations to aid them with the implementation of new strategies to reduce the future impact of end-of-life uniforms.


If you would like to get in touch with us to discuss how we could help you find similar solutions for your unwanted uniforms, please email us at or call 01296 423915.