Röjk superwear, a young Swedish clothing brand, is aiming to lower the amount of microplastics in the world’s oceans, forests and food.  If it can’t make a product fully biodegradable, the company is reported to have said, it won’t make it at all.

‘Biodegradable’ for Röjk means that the whole product should eventually be completely disintegrated by bacteria or other biological factors. How long that takes for any particular product depends on what it's made of, because some natural fibres take longer to break down than others. According to an article in Ecotextile News, a Röjk spokesperson said: “It takes about nine months for merino wool to biodegrade, and I believe that is the landfill scenario. As for lyocell, it takes no more than eight days for full biodegradation with sewage treatment, six weeks in a compost pile, and twelve weeks for landfill. As modal is another cellulose product, I would assume these results are similar.”

The company wants every component of its products, from buttons based on nuts, to dyeing methods using only natural pigments, to 100% natural fibre fabrics, to use no synthetics whatsoever in the entire production process. It is also reported that Röjk plans to make all its packaging materials biodegradable by 2023.

For further information on Röjk’s ambitions, follow the link below to read the article in Ecotextile News.

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