On the 6th July, we joined Electrolux at their North West Care Excellence Day in Warrington, held at Belong Warrington.

The day began with a tour of the facilities at Belong Warrington, which include a hair salon, spa, gym, internet cafe and bistro restaurant.  Apartments are available for independent living as well as households providing high level care for residents.

Electrolux presented their bed to bed laundry principles and their 'gold standard' barrier laundry concept, protecting residents and staff from dirty laundry and protecting clean laundry from recontamination.

Oakdene Hollins also presented on textile longevity and end of life solutions for textiles found in the Care sector - an area where textiles can be 'lost' by being placed in incorrect bins and not disposed of in the most efficient ways.

The session was rounded off with a tour of Belong Warrington's barrier laundry.

If you work in the Care sector and would like to find out more about increasing the life of your textiles and what to do with them when they are no longer needed, please feel free to get in touch; kate.riley@oakdenehollins.co.uk or kate.riley@uniformreuse.co.uk