The Guide for Greener Procurement of Hospital Textiles is aimed at procurers in the Nordic healthcare sector who are responsible for purchasing textile products and services, but it is to be hoped that it could be used more widely in future procurement processes.  The Guide assists procurers in developing processes for establishing suitable and practicable environmental criteria in tender documents.

Procurers can learn which aspects in the production and care of textiles have most environmental significance and how these can be addressed through criteria. They can learn more about about the role of ecolabels in procurement and can find links to ready-to-use criteria, and other useful information from national procurement agencies.  (Note: Find out more about the EU Ecolabel from UK Ecolabel Delivery.)

The Guide has been developed in cooperation with a Nordic Network of Procurers in the Health Sector as part of an initiative under the Nordic Action Plan for Sustainable Fashion and Textiles Well-dressed in a Clean Environment. It is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The external link to the English version is given below.  

There is also a press release from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.  Please contact David Watson or Birgitte Jørgensen Kjær at the Danish EPA if you have any questions concerning the Guide.

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